The Child. “I was walking on a lonely path hungry, thirsty and tired. My steps made me feel like I had done a week’s work solely on my own. As I dragged my sore feet, a hand reached to me holding the edge of my trousers. I turned and behold I saw a tiny creature. Not sure of who it was due to my faint eyes, I could heard a tiny faint sound saying, “please take me with you, leave me not alone in this area. For I cannot cater for my needs. I have not the power to lift myself up. Please take me along with you”. Feeling too tired and weak to respond, I shoved the hand off my body immediately and continued off with my tired footsteps looking for where I could find water to drink. I staggered and staggered. As I got closer to a pool of water with happiness and joy, I noticed a crowd of people clustered around what I had no idea of. “I dealt with the other child and now these crowd”, I said to myself. But to my utmost surprise, as I went forward I noticed a young little boy surrounded by these people. It seemed they were furious at him. And when I inquired, a man amongst them said, “we all are travellers who have come such a great distance tired and weak to drink of the water in this pool but this young boy has messed it up for us. I being in the same condition was about to yell at the boy when he opened up saying, “no need joining them to yell at me sir. I had no idea that what I did was wrong and im trying to apologize but if only you had picked and taken me along with you, I’d have been taught that this was the wrong thing to do. I had no knowledge. If this is how you treat the children from your village then I can wonder how many pools they have made dirty”. It dawned on me that the little boy who spoke out was the same child who held out to me whilst I was moving to the pool. The same child I had abandoned. You might just probably be like me. How many children have you abandoned to take care of yourself alone. If these children are left to do as they like, society will be left backwards. And just as it affected the old people and me, so shall it affect everyone. Let us take care to train the youngsters as they are the backbones of tomorrow

  • If the success of every child seems forgotten and ignored, there’s no way society can move forward. Youths, teenagers and toddlers. We’re all the back bones of tomorrow’s future, our tomorrow’s nation. If we cannot be trained and taught to be successful, then who will lead the world tomorrow? Education is a key tenet to the prosperity of our hands no doubt, but the instilled and taught values of our parents and guardians are the major door openers of our future.
  • To all the parents and guardians seeing this out there, I’m challenging you as a teenager myself to try all possible best in training and upholding your child’s mind. Neglect not their destinies but push forward their passion to success!!!